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“I went for my first Shamanic healing yesterday afternoon. While I have participated in other Shamanic practices before, this was my first individual healing. I knew and trusted Annette and expected to have a good experience but I was completely blown out of the water by how profound and powerful the work was.


Annette Magee is an expert Shaman. She holds a strong container for the work that needs to happen in the moment. Annette is attentive, responsive and supportive of both the emergent energies present and the needs of her client. She is curious but never intrusive. Her questions allowed me to go ever deeper into my process.  


She employs stones, rattles, and aromas in the process of healing. All are used with permission and collaboration. I particularly found the scent of the healing water she sprayed near me to be evocative of an early powerful experience in my life.


Those of you who know me, know that I am particular about whom I choose to work with. Annette Magee is the real deal. I heartily recommend her if there is a question that is perplexing you, an obstacle on your path or you just want to see what is next for you. She is astute, kind and sets up a totally safe space. Check out her Shamanic wisdom at: I totally recommend her.” - Judith Cohen


“When the body is taken care of it’s sort of like being in a well tuned sports car when it accelerates you get that smile on your face and that “whoa” reaction!” Weight Loss Challenge quote - Ty Pittman, Blue Diamond Growers

"Hello Team Leaders, now that we are close to completion of the weight loss challenge I wanted to thank you all for this outstanding program. It has been a wonderful opportunity that Blue Diamond has provided. I have gained knowledge about nutrition and have lost weight in a very healthy way. When I started I was always tired and hungry.  Now I have great energy and am not hungry at all. Thank you all so much!” Cynthia Delli Quadri, Blue Diamond Growers

"Annette Magee was charged with assembling the Health Challenge team for our 200-person company headquarters. This is a company-wide wellness initiative, requiring champions in each headquarter location. By developing lively contests with confidential tracking, and bringing in inspiring speakers, Annette's team motivated many who had never worked out into becoming triathletes! Overall involvement jumped from 10% to over 75%!" HR Manager at a $1 B Company

“Love Annette’s coaching! She breaks down a complex program into manageable steps and celebrates the mini successes along the way. I’m getting a meal plan for the entire week, customized to my busy day, with shopping list and tons of tips. A coach is invaluable to achieving your goals. I have needed a kickstart to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.” Dave Way

“We converted our garage into a home office, so finding storage was challenging and the kid’s toys were stacked in boxes in the family room.  Annette had ideas I hadn’t thought of, and by making changes in three small areas, she helped us reallocate space and re-claim our family room.  It looks great and we’re loving all the extra room!” Michele Dexter