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Beginner Mediation Class


email for location and dates (

 - will accommodate corporate groups


Always wanted to learn how to meditate, but don't know where to start

Alleviate stress in your life quickly

More focus and concentration

Overcome challenges and find solutions

Take time and nurture yourself

Find new ways to set intentions for the new year



               Quiet your mind

               Learn to relax

               The importance of breathing

               Discover the power of the present moment




Suggested Donation: $10 per person (proceeds will benefit the Red Cross serving the victims of the Northern California fires)

Healthy Living Program 

This is a program that I have done a couple of years ago, and absolutely loved! I started sleeping better, have more energy, and while my goal was not to lose any weight I saw my body become more toned. When I went to a wedding in Boise Idaho, my friends were wondering what happened because I looked healthier and younger. I discovered a couple of food groups that I am sensitive to and caused me discomfort such as dairy milk (light lingering tummy ache) and gluten (feeling sluggish and slightly bloated). I’ve recommended it to many friends and they have become healthier, lost weight that they could not shed before, and even reversed some illnesses and risk factors.

Since then I’ve decided to integrate this program into my business because I stand 100% behind it. I’m offering this program for free next month and I’d love to offer you the products that are part of the program 40% off. Below is more information, feel free to contact me with any questions., (925) 262-3843