Consciousness • Kindness • Mindfulness

Many of us feel called to step up in our personal growth in this time of turmoil, natural disasters and leadership that creates so much discord. We see that we want to do something different, perhaps become more kind and compassionate. Or more authentic and not so afraid. If we all just did a little self-improvement work, humankind and our planet might be much better off. But where do we start?


A good start is to become aware of how some of the emotions we have been stuffing down all these years have manifested in our body. Do you have a few extra pounds, difficulty with digestion, high blood pressure, headaches or simply a feeling in the pit of your stomach that something isn’t quite right?

Why Energy Healings?

Sometimes our lives are going great and we are totally happy. Other times we feel stuck, or just not right. A deep yearning might want to come out or you feel you’re not on the right path. Being in the corporate world can create stress, overwhelm or a feeling of having lost our connection to something higher. Or you simply have a problem you can’t seem to solve. People have come for recurring headaches or longstanding habits they would like to change. 


How does a session (Illumination) look like?

All shamanic work is private and strictly confidential. A typical session for a shamanic healing may take between 45 and 60 minutes. Before the session I will learn about your history and struggles and together we identify what issues are in need of healing.


Then I open sacred space calling the directions and creating a connection to archetypes and spirit. You will lie comfortably on a massage table with all clothes on. There is no touching in this healing, it is all energetic – removing blocks of stuck energy. I use sacred stones (kuyas), rattles, sage, bells, palo santo wood, and my own blend of clearing spray with essential oils to help the energy move. It is most helpful if there is a dialog, but if someone likes to process their experience silently that works as well. At the end of the process, the chakras are illuminated and rebalanced. 


After the session you will feel lighter and peaceful, like a burden has been lifted from you. You will need to take it easy for the rest of the day and drink lots of water. Things will have likely shifted in your perception and it is good to give yourself space for processing and understanding with your mind. To help with that understanding we introduce a tool called “Sandpainting” that you can do at home after the session.


Every energy healing experience is different, highly individual and unique to the client. We work in collaboration and you will be informed of the tools I use before I do. You are completely safe during the entire experience.


How can I book a session?

Please email for available times. I am located in the San Francisco East Bay.


How does this work if I’m long distance?

Not everyone lives in the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area. Or even living close by, traffic can make it impractical to have a session in person. Long distance healings are just as effective as healings in person. Phone/Skype appointments can be scheduled if it is not possible to meet in person.


“I went for my first Shamanic healing yesterday afternoon. While I have participated in other Shamanic practices before, this was my first individual healing. I knew and trusted Annette and expected to have a good experience but I was completely blown out of the water by how profound and powerful the work was.


Annette Magee is an expert Shaman. She holds a strong container for the work that needs to happen in the moment. Annette is attentive, responsive and supportive of both the emergent energies present and the needs of her client. She is curious but never intrusive. Her questions allowed me to go ever deeper into my process.  


She employs stones, rattles, and aromas in the process of healing. All are used with permission and collaboration. I particularly found the scent of the healing water she sprayed near me to be evocative of an early powerful experience in my life.


Those of you who know me, know that I am particular about whom I choose to work with. Annette Magee is the real deal. I heartily recommend her if there is a question that is perplexing you, an obstacle on your path or you just want to see what is next for you. She is astute, kind and sets up a totally safe space. Check out her Shamanic wisdom at: I totally recommend her.”


Judith Cohen